My name is Ananya Vahal and I’m a writer. My genres include literary nonfiction, digital content creation, and comic books. Welcome to my first blog on ananyavahal.com! I created this blog to share my writing process with you all. I believe that as writers we are hesitant to share our process with each other. We are quick to tell each other when we get an agent or get a book deal but we don’t always share the writing struggles and triumphs that took us there. I want to change this trend and encourage all of you to share this insight with each other so we can build a stronger writing community and help each other along our paths as writers.

The project I’m currently working on is my memoir. I am finishing up my M.F.A. program in writing and this memoir is also my thesis. For this reason, I want my blog to focus solely on the process of memoir writing at the moment. When I began working on my memoir, I faced challenges that I never saw coming. After expressing these challenges to some of my fellow writers, I realized that they were also struggling with the same things. Some of these fellow writers and friends were brave enough to let me share their experiences and process with you all in my blog. I hope that sharing their stories will help broaden the perspectives provided in my blog and encourage all of you to share your own experiences in the comments on my blog page.

In this video, I go into more detail about why I started this blog and what my upcoming blogs will focus on. I will post a blog every week on Wednesdays and I hope you will join me in my writing journey. Enjoy the video!