Finding Your Voice Part 2


This blog is a continuation of the previous blog so if you haven’t read Finding Your Voice: Part 1 yet, scroll down and check it out!

In this blog, I go more in depth with my issue of losing my (writing) voice and the techniques I used to help me deal with this challenge.

As I mentioned in the video, here are the Facebook writing groups that help me the most:

Memoir Writing

Writers Helping Writers


Binders Full of Creative Nonfiction

Writer's Fight Club

Memoir writing group

Here is a link to the Writers Write website. I often use the writing prompts in their newsletters to help me get writing when I'm stuck.

If you need a more detailed list of the techniques or formats I use to help with voice, feel free to contact me through social media or email.

A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have been actively engaging with my blog posts here on the website and on all the Facebook groups listed above. You all keep me motivated to keep posting every week!

Stay tuned for next Wednesday's blog. We're going to talk about voice some more and I will be featuring a memoir writing teacher and her useful tips on how to find that unique and consistent voice in your memoir. 

Please comment below with how you have dealt with this issue or any questions/concerns you have for me. Also, please share this blog with anyone you think it might help!

Thank you for watching and reading my blogs!

Happy Writing! :)


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